November 8, 2018, 6:30 AM PST the worst fire in California history ignited and prepared to change the lives of tens of thousands of people.

   in Butte County, in Northern California. After exhibiting extreme fire behavior through the communities of Concow, Magailia, and Yankee Hill, an urban firestorm formed in the densely populated foothill town of Paradise.  The fire caused at least 86 civilian fatalities, with 3 persons still missing, and injured 12 civilians, two prison inmate firefighters, and three other firefighters. It covered an area of 153,336 acres (62,053 ha) (almost 240 sq. miles), and destroyed 18,804 structures, with most of the damage occurring within the first four hours.The Camp Fire was the most destructive wildfire in history. Total damage was $16.5 billion; one-quarter of the damage, $4 billion, was not insured

What happened next:


     Families raced from their homes into the unknown with the only thought of the lives of those around them be spared. No one ever thought they'd never return. Thousands of people were now homeless, fearful and in need of assistance from everything to a roof over their head, to a toothbrush.

People of Butte County immediately reacted. Donations came pouring in from all over the country as America witnessed an entire town be wiped off the map. 

   As The Red Cross began setting up, the Local Churches came together and stood defiant of the flames. They opened their doors, fed, clothed and emotionally supported the masses that were desperately seeking hope. Families opened their doors and welcomed families in, shelters went up and emergency management developed in a matter of days.

      As tthe flames subsided, people of Butte County began to take stock of their situation. Faced with having to rebuild their lives from nothing, seemed such a heavy task. This is where the local church is stepping in:

Pursuit Christian Church, in coalition with several other churches and entities have committed to support these families and individuals that survived the Camp Fire for the next 1-2 years. 

Currently we are developing strategies and materials to replace or make available, beds, furniture, kitchen ware, and needs that I myself prior to Nov. 8, have taken for granted: nightstands, junk drawers, tools, etc., all the things we use every day that we take for granted until it is all gone.

  Keep Checking back for important dates and distribution dates here on this page and on our Facebook Page @pursuitchristianchurch.

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