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CORE - PART 1 is an introduction to the Bible we read and try to understand every day. This isn't a class for knowledge for knowledge sake, rather we find it crucial to engage the Bible because of its ability to connect us to God, and it is He who has the power to transform all things. That is why we find it important to do our part to dig a little deeper than we may have in the past.


CORE - Part 1 will be a 4 week class that starts on Sunday, March 5th @ 9-9:40am.

Please sign up below to let us know you'll be there!

MARCH 5TH, 12TH, 19TH & 26TH

CORE - Part 2 will be a year long class that starts Sunday, April 16th from 9-9:40am

In this class we will be journey the Bible from beginning to end by exploring 52 of the Bibles core verses. Examples of topics: Creation, Identity, Holiness, Covenant, Prayer, Money, Election, The Gospel, Communion, Baptism, Love, Etc...

If you would like to attend this class we are asking that you:

1. Register Below

2. Purchase CORE 52 by Mark Moore


Thanks for registering! See you there!

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