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Here at Pursuit, small groups aren't just another ministry we do, but is essential in your exploration of Jesus and growing in your discipleship. It is our hope that every person that calls Pursuit "home" would find a small group to participate in, therefore receiving the social and spiritual care we are all in need of as we pursue Jesus together.

If you have questions about certain groups or what to expect please reach out and we would be happy to answer any and all questions.
Click the link below

Home Groups!

2 Locations:

Kelly Ridge


Tuesdays  6pm

Luke Martin- Leader

4 Powers Ct.

Thermalito area/ (Oroville)

Thursdays  6PM

Stan Hurte- Leader

11 Quicksilver Ct.

IF you would like to join a home group or receive more information about home groups please feel free to email or phone the church during the week!



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